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Grand Hotel Billia

Flowing from the valuable and untarnished sources of the highest glaciers in Europe, it is purely crystal and pristine water that is the spearhead of the  "L’EVE" - a true jewel of St. Vincent Resort & Casino, a large wellness centre settled in the ancient cellars of the Grand Hotel Billia .

According to the traditional Francoprovençal dialect patois, “L’EVE” means "water" which, in the heart of the Alps and their majestic 4,000 meters that forcefully mark the boundaries of Aosta Valley, is not just water, but the exquisitely clear root of life that give us a metaphor for our being and which, having as its limitless source the greatest glaciers of the Alps, is as fresh as it was centuries ago. And it is the glaciers, the same ones that over the course of centuries have formed the great part of Aosta Valley, that together with the scrupulously collected unique water provide you with an unforgettable experience of boundless pleasure, a phenomenal flow of priceless emotions and feelings of well-being in a place that embodies the crucial stages of the history of European mountaineering.

It is not a thermal water,  but the pure and glittering water from the top of the mountains that strengthen body and soul amidst the elegant and bright spaces of our Wellness Center. Indulge yourself in a mesmerizing energy of "L’EVE" and “her” therapeutic treatments, such as Kneipp- a large external hydro-massage tub, or benefit from the healing powers of other numerous treatments available in our unique tubs settled in local stone. If you wish to experience blissful moments of intense relaxation, it is sauna, bio sauna and hammam steam bath that will definitely meet your expectations, while all kinds of spray nozzle showers, an ice waterfall, relaxing showers, cervical showers or Cold Fog and chromotherapy will make you savour what you love whenever possible!

Our wellness centre is also equipped with a marvellous indoor pool which, enclosed by huge windows, will allow you to admire the natural beauty of the centennial park of our complex. Equally superb and elegant is an outdoor swimming pool equipped with a bath of a controlled temperature that enables you to relish baths also in the winter season .
However, the magic doesn’t end here as you will be enchanted by our four magnificent relaxation rooms equipped with massage beds from which you can admire the breathtaking views over the natural scenery through large windows while being pampered by the skilful hands of one of our professional masseurs, who will revitalize your whole body by dissolving your tensions and leaving you embraced by the feeling of lightness thanks to a new energy of a well being.

While massage is nothing less than art, an ancient art of an inestimable value and therapeutic benefits resulting from the treatments conducted according to the principles of the greatest masters of the East, it is a powerful tool that heals and touches the deepest layers of body and soul.
Our wellness centre boasts all kinds of massages, from a simple and relaxing one to the sports, lymphatic, indian ayurvedic and holistic one, as well as exclusive treatments for the individuals and couples harmonizing body and mind that allow you to immerse yourself in an immediate benefits thanks to the high level of professionalism guaranteed by qualified and experienced professionals.
And what better way to successfully complete your indulgence than to spoil yourself by our remarkable offer of the skin care products and services?  Here, you can experience facial and body treatments of the maximum effectiveness thanks to the carefully selected products of the leading company in the field of skin care- Natura Bisse. Whereas Alpiflora, a renowned local company of precious essential oils extracted from trees, flowers and shrubs of the alpine paradise of Aosta Valley, enables you to sense intense feelings of harmony and balance choosing from a range of unique treatments of aromatherapy sessions.

We are here to offer you the epitome of a well being in form of all sorts of water treatments, massages, signature skin care line of a superior quality that will bring you deep feelings of bliss and peace immersed in a natural environment of harmony and balance where magic will never cease to amaze.


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