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Grand Hotel Billia



This regular-shaped and harmonious room can seat 140 people, and has a large stage which provides excellent visibility from all parts of the room. It has prestigious light oak flooring and the walls are adorned with wooden panelling, creating a sophisticated and at the same time welcoming atmosphere. The ceiling is designed at two different heights so as to control the acoustics perfectly, to make the room feel spacious, and to ensure an effective projection surface behind the speakers’ table. The adjacent recording cabin, which has a glass window onto the back wall, means that complex multi-media events can be organised and ensures the active presence of a technician, without any interference in the participants’ activities. On request, the seats can be set out in different configurations and equipped with little tables. The Monte Bianco room can also be accessed directly from the west entrance of the Grand Hotel Billia and, thanks to the proximity of the hotel’s famous ball room, it is ideal for combining conference activities and important private receptions.



Area (m2)Dimens. (m)Height (m)Permanent stage (m)No. entrancesMain door (b x h) mt.Capacity (Max. no. people)Capacity when set out
HorseshoeTheatre stallsClassroomSingle table
 Area mqDimensioni mtAltezza mtPalco fisso mtNumero ingressiPorta principale (b x h) mt.Capacit massima personeFerro di cavalloPlateaClasseBoard
Monte Bianco182




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