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Grand Hotel Billia



The main room, with a capacity of 600, is the flagship of the Centre. The prestigious finishings, like the dark oak parquet on the floor and tapestry panels on the walls, counterbalance the unusual false ceiling in waves of wood, which gives the room a feeling of sophistication and strong personality. On request, for smaller scale events, the room can be divided into a smaller space for a maximum of 350 people. The new way that the room is set up allows the first two rows of chairs to be taken away, and for the stage to be extended from 14,60 x 4+ metres to 14,60 x 6.80 m depth, so that the room can be set out for shows, concerts or demonstrations. The seats, designed especially for the room, are particularly comfortable and encourage a good posture for active listening, and also have an ergonomic extractable table. The presence of LED light sources in the walls also allows the brightness and contrast of the room to be regulated so as to optimise the lighting for the different activities taking place.



Area (m2)Dimens. (m)Height (m)Permanent stage (m)No. entrancesMain door (b x h) mt.Capacity (Max. no. people)Capacity when set out
HorseshoeTheatre stallsClassroomSingle table
 Area mqDimensioni mtAltezza mtPalco fisso mtNumero ingressiPorta principale (b x h) mt.Capacit massima personeFerro di cavalloPlateaClasseBoard
Gran Paradiso61331,46x19,496,3914,60x4x0,3032,3x1,8600 600  


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