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Grand Hotel Billia



Situated on the lower floor of the Conference Centre, the room can seat up to 170 people, or thanks to a central wall, it can be divided into two smaller rooms for up to 60 people. The service area accessible from the room allows materials or equipment to be stored in complete safety. The layout of the room can be changed quickly meaning that it’s possible to have a number of different configurations on the same day. The floor in light oak parquet, the woodwork panelling on the walls, the ceiling to control the acoustics and the illumination make this room both sophisticated and ideal for private work sessions. An amply-sized external foyer allows a reception for registering or welcoming guests to be held, a corner to be set up for the coffee break or a Customer-specific lay out to be designed using the Conference Centre’s professional facilities.



Area (m2)Dimens. (m)Height (m)Permanent stage (m)No. entrancesMain door (b x h) m.Capacity (Max. no. people)Capacity when set out
HorseshoeTheatre stallsClassroomSingle table
 Area mqDimensioni mtAltezza mtPalco fisso mtNumero ingressiPorta principale (b x h) mt.Capacit massima personeFerro di cavalloPlateaClasseBoard




Cervino 1/210611,50x9,203,004x3x0,3012,10x1,5063206328/3028



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