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Grand Hotel Billia


abbigliamento.jpgDRESS CODE 2015

In order to enter the gaming rooms of the “Casino de la Vallée”, visitors must dress respectably.
There are no specific restrictions, except for the abovementioned respectability, to enter the Evolution Room, the Slot Area and the Poker Room located on the ground floor of the Gambling House.  

As concerns entrance to the Game Table Area, located on the Casino’s 1st floor, the following rules apply:

  • it is forbidden to wear slippers and/or sandals ;
  • it is forbidden to wear sleeveless tops ;
  • it is forbidden to wear sport shorts, unless they fall below the knee (the so-called “Capri pants”) or they are Bermuda shorts (just above the knee);
  • it is forbidden to wear tracksuits ;
  • sweatshirts, sweaters, and sleeveless jackets must be put on or, as an alternative, been left in the Cloakroom.  

The Cloakroom is available for free during the gaming rooms’ opening hours  to leave coats, heavy jackets, hats, bags and umbrellas. The obligation to leave clothes and/or other objects in the Cloakroom may be irrevocably imposed by the Games Management, the Security Manager or the Secretariat/Customer Care Manager. Any item of clothing that should be abandoned in the Cloakroom will be given to charity after six months of the date of abandonment.

In order to enter the Privè Room on the 1st floor, apart from the aforesaid rules, only men must wear long trousers.


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