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Trente Quarante Midi

The rules of Trente et Quarante Midi are similar to the traditional Trente et Quarante rules.

There is only one croupier and there are only four chances: red, black, colour, inverse.

The croupier deals out two separate rows of cards (red and black), sequentially. After each row totals greater than 30, the hand is settled; all face cards are counted as 10.

The winning total will range between 30 and 40 card points, which is from where the name of the game derives.

If this should be also the colour of the winning row, the player wins.

The ‘colour’ wager is a type of bet that the first card of the row that wins will be the same colour as the winning row.

The ‘inverse’ wager is the opposite of the ‘colour’ wager.

It is a bet that the first card of the winning row will be the opposite colour of the winning row.

Bets are payed even. However, when the same number for each row is 31, the croupier announces ‘un après’) and the house takes half of all.

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