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Grand Hotel Billia

Video Poker

It is the modern, electronic and visual, version of poker.

Luck here is essential but not sufficient. Skill is fundamental. Instead of facing real players you play against the machine, that has some advantages, but also several drawbacks; for instance, unlike real players it cannot walk away when you decide to shift to a more aggressive play.

Video Poker can be the ideal training field to acquire the necessary cold blood, the capacity of deciding on your feet, before moving to the traditional table. The best poker players have a mix of prudence and audacity. What seems like a very simple hand can instead become articulate. Conversely you must learn not to walk away from the big game when the luck is with you.

And what about the sheer adrenaline of doubling up? There you have a splendid variant, which adds a chance to your game: you bet all you have, but in order to win even more!

The Casino offers 2 types of Video Poker: the Jack Or Better (poker without jolly) and the Joker Wild (poker with jolly). Payouts depends on the Jackpot:

  • Jackpot Video Poker: in the event of a Royal Flush the player wins the correspondent Jackpot (related to a theme, such as ‘Arcade’)
  • Video Poker: the maximum win corresponds to the player’s bet.
  • All Video Poker machines: players can double the win by selecting the highest card.
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