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Grand Hotel Billia

Slot Machine

The slot machine is the player’s first and last ‘chance’, a great way of starting or finishing a gaming session.

A few Euros are enough, even a cent; if luck is your friend a game at the slot machine can be worth millions (the Euro is a cheater but can also be a winner).

The Jackpot is there, for anyone to grab; although hitting it is difficult, rest sure that someone will. All you need is excellent timing, hoping that the goddess of fortune decides to kiss you on the forefront and throw open the gates of the temple of luck.

Remember, even in the darkest moments, when the game on the other tables seem to have come to a disappointing end, the last Eurocent can turn the landscape upside down, rekindle your enthusiasm and revive all hopes to win. In one moment the whole game can change from dark to light. Above all, the priority is to have fun.

The slot machine seldom denies the player the change to get even if just 2 cherries on the reel, just to cheer him up..

In the Casino you will find the traditional mechanical reels Slots, the ‘virtual reel’ Slots and the modern video electronic Slots. Various themes are available on the above described machines, such as Indiana Jones, King Kong, etc.

There are 3 ways of winning at the slots:

  • regardless of the bet you can win the ‘Mystery Jack Pot’ with the slot’s maximum bet you can win the relevant Jack Pot theme
  • only at the popular Diamond Jackpots slots, even without placing the maximum bet, you can hit the Jackpot accordingly
  • besides the Jackpot there are several possibilities of winning in reason of your bet and the combination. Bonuses and Free Games can also raise your positive chances.
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