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Grand Hotel Billia

Slot Club

slotclub.jpgWelcome to Planet Fun. Our slot machines offer you a fun-filled evening; they are a breath of fresh air in the wide and varied world of games.

You can have fun in a thousand diverse ways, pitting your wits and skills against hundreds of different games. You can decide exactly how you want to play, betting as much or as little as you want; a few euros or even a few cents (€).

Each time you play, the slot machine guarantees you unforgettable emotions. It is like sitting on a rocket launch-pad: when the engines start, you will blast-off into the heavens towards Planet Fun.

Never forget the Jackpot, the bet for those who want to seize the moment; a once-in-a-lifetime chance to win the richest and most coveted prize. Slot machines offer a unique joy, utterly beyond compare; a joy that only a grand Casino like that at Saint-Vincent, can – and always does – give its patrons.

For further informations:
You can ask at the ‘SlotClub desk’, daily from 14:00 to 03:00;
or write to us at;
or call us on 0166.52.28.97, or 0166.52.24.64.

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