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Grand Hotel Billia

Chemin de fer

Contrary to Trente Quarante, which seems complicated but is in reality very simple, this legendary game, that significantly contributed to the history of our Casino, does not immediately reveal its sophistication.

There are precisely 140 rules... but do not fear, it is a game that all can learn.

In reason of its popularity the ‘Casino de la Vallée’ provides as much as 9 tables, the sign of a success that has no equal in the world, and regular tournaments are organized, whose prize is often a fancy ‘super car’.

Chemin de Fer is a card game amongst the players, nine at the normal table, ten at the so-called bigger table, with a higher minimum bet. The Casino, through the croupier, who distributes the cards, and more than one supervisor, guarantees the fairness of the game.

What are the rules?
It is important to remember the fundamental: the object is to total 9, the highest score.

And what is the highest risk?
Getting even with the other players.

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